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The Post is always looking for new members, both female and male. If you are 14 years of age (and completed the eighth grade) thru 20, and have an interest in Law Enforcement, Explorer Post 911 may be for you. As a member, you will have training in different police procedures. When an explorer turns 16 they are eligible to ride along in the patrol cars. Explorers also participate in numerous community activities.

If you are interested in joining the Will County Sheriff's Explorer Post #911 contact us for further information.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  815-693-4037

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 Explorer's training class

What is A Police Explorer?

The purpose of Law Enforcement Exploring is to provide young adults who may be interested in a career in law enforcement with a comprehensive program of training, competition, service and practical experiences. Character development, physical fitness, good citizenship and patriotism are integral components of the overall program. Through their involvement in the program, Explorers develop an awareness of the purpose, mission and objectives of law enforcement agencies. The support of the chief executive officer of the agency, along with a dedicated cadre of law enforcement professionals and adult volunteers who provide adult leadership, is essential to the success of any Post.

Uniforms / Dress Codes:


  1. Tan shirt, Post Explorer patch on left shoulder, State Explorer patch on right, sewed on name tag, sewed on star
  2. White T-shirt, dark brown, solid, uniform type pants
  3. Black polished shoes (boots optional)
  4. Black military-style web belt (or black leather belt)
  5. Black socks
  6. Rank insignia's on collar only (Executive personnel only)

Note: The Explorer Post will issue each member with (1) short sleeve shirt, (1) long sleeve shirt, name tag and badge, and belt. All other equipment will be the member’s responsibility. (Leather belt, shoes, etc.)

Dress Code:

  1. All members will present a clean and neat appearance whenever in uniform
  2. Hair: all members’ hair will be worn in such a manner that their hair will not touch the collar of their uniform shirt (boys, when their hair is hanging freely, girls may tie their hair up) No unusual styles (Mohawks, spike, etc.) or added un-natural colors will be accepted.
  3. Shirts will be worn tucked in the pants, and a white T-Shirt will be worn under said uniform shirt.
  4. A neatly trimmed mustache will be the only facial hair allowed; side burns are not to be extended below the ear lobe.
  5. Uniforms will only be worn during Post activities (meetings, events, etc.) or by approval of an advisor.

Post Outline:

Explorer's presenting the flagsThe intent of law enforcement Exploring is to educate and involve youth in police operations, and to interest them in possible law enforcement functions. Through involvement, the law enforcement Explorer program establishes an awareness of police services.

Objectives of the program:

  1. To further the members education
  2. To encourage Explorer participation through productive activity
  3. To enhance Explorer preparation for future roles as citizens and community members

The Sheriff's Office hopes to accomplish these objectives by the use of regular weekly meetings. Another approach is the Explorer ride along program. At the discretion of our department, members of the post can observe field activities of the police firsthand. Strict guidelines to maintain the effectiveness of the field officer and at the same time provide for the safety of the ride-along participant. The cadets may also be used in areas such as crime prevention, record keeping, radios, and dispatching under supervision of department members. Explorers are in the more impressionable years of young adulthood; here they can learn civic responsibility which can promote a positive outlook. The Explorers also have the opportunity to work with other Explorers from different Law Enforcement Agencies.

Members Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be between 14-21 years old.
  2. Must maintain a 2.0 grade point average if you are in school.
  3. Must attend weekly Wednesday evening meetings from 7-9 p.m..
  4. Must pass a background check and an oral review board.
  5. Must be able to work special assignment details and events that are usually at night and on weekends.
  6. Must participate in fund raising events.
  7. Must have good references and if you are under 18 you must have your parent's permission to become a member.
  8. Must abide by all rules and regulations of the Will County Sheriff's Office and Post #911.


  1. The Explorers are given a variety of training. Most of the topics are related to the field of Law Enforcement.
  2. Traffic Assistance
  3. First Aid & CPR
  4. Traffic Crash Investigation
  5. Domestic Crisis Intervention
  6. Arrest Procedures
  7. Search Procedures
  8. Building Searches
  9. Crime Prevention
  10. Community Service
  11. Hostage Negotiations
  12. Traffic Enforcement
  13. Community Policing
  14. And More....

Community Engagement:

  • The Explorer Post 911 is available for Community Events & Crime Prevention (Upon Request)
  • The Explorer Post 911 operates a Child ID Machine/Senior Medical ID Machine.
  • (The ID Machine provides a photo and finger prints and are vital information that can be used by Law Enforcement for assistance with investigations.)
  • For more information and/or to book the ID Machine for an event . Please Contact Us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 815-693-4037.

Pride / Discipline:

Feel the Pride of wearing the Will County Sheriff's Office, Explorer Post 911 uniform and experience the respect that the community has for it. Learn the discipline it takes to carry out tasks within the community and how to accomplish these tasks with pride and integrity.