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WCSO Press Pass Application


Along with the above information, please attach a photo headshot in jpeg (.jpg) format. 

The photo does not have to be of professional grade; a photo from a good quality cell phone works just as well. 


Once you have been approved for a credential you will be required to display it on the outside of your clothing while inside the courthouse.  Please keep in mind, that although this credential allows special access through the southeast doors of the courthouse, at any time you may be stopped by security staff for security processing.  In addition to special access you will be allowed to enter the courthouse with your cell phone and laptops/tablets.  You may use these electronics outside the courtrooms, however photos of any kind are not allowed.  You will be required to turn off your electronics while inside any courtroom.  


After a criminal history has been completed and your credential is processed I will contact you and we can make arrangements for you to pick it up.  Please note:  It may take up to 5 days for credentials to be processed.  NO credentials are processed within one day!   


Please be aware of the following:  In applying for a media credential with the Will County Sheriff’s Office I consent to allow the Sheriff’s Office to verify my media credentials with the news agency listed above.  I also consent to allow the Sheriff’s Office to perform a criminal history on me.  I certify under penalties of perjury that; (i) the information contained in my application is true and correct, and (ii) I will abide by all rules and regulations applicable to the media credential, including any future rules and regulations.  I am aware that the Will County Sheriff’s Office may deny me access to the courthouse at any time and may deny me a media credential at any time and for any reason. 

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