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    For the 13th year in a row, hundreds of law enforcement officers from throughout the state will stake out Dunkin’ Donuts rooftops, including Sheriff’s deputies who will be at the Homer Glen location at 14135 S. Bell Road.   The event is scheduled for Friday, May 29th from 5am until 2pm. 

   This fundraising event is to raise awareness and donations for the Law Enforcement Torch Run to benefit Special Olympics Illinois.  Each guest who visits Cop on a Rooftop that day and makes a donation will receive a free donut coupon.  Guests donating at least $10 will receive a Law Enforcement Torch Run travel mug (while supplies last) and a coupon for a free medium coffee.  Other items, such as t-shirts and hats, will be sold for various donation amounts. 

   The IL Special Olympics offers year-round training and competition in 19 sports for nearly 22,000 special needs athletes. The IL Law Enforcement Torch Run has raised more than $35 million over 29 years to help support Special Olympics athletes and their accomplishments.  Each year more than 3,000 officers cover 1,500 miles carrying the Flame of Hope through the streets of their hometowns and to the State Summer Games in Normal, IL in June. 

  Sheriff’s deputies will be on hand to support this worthy cause in Homer Glen.   Please come out, make a donation, and grab your morning coffee!



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The 2014 Auxiliary Deputy of the Year is Lon Schank.  He is a six year member of the Auxiliary and has proven himself to be reliable in handling difficult assignments.  He takes pride in his work and completed the special training to become a firearms instructor, proving what an asset he is to the department. 


Civilian of the Year, Dave Gorman, was selected for this honor because of an incident that occurred last year in the kitchen of the Adult Detention Facility.  Dave is the Lead Cook at the facility and after a co-worker was burned on his feet from hot water, Dave instantly took control of the situation, secured the area, and showed compassion as he calmed the victim down who was going into shock.  Dave went above and beyond his duties and is being recognized for his efforts. 


Detective Sgt. Dan Jungles is receiving a Meritorious Service Award for his excellent supervisory qualities for both the Investigations Unit and the High Tech Crimes Unit.  Sgt. Jungles is highly regarded for his investigative skills and leads with confidence that every investigation will withstand the scrutiny of the courts.  He is a humble man who inspires others to do the best job possible and is a great example for other supervisors. 


Correctional Deputy Paul Sedlacek is receiving a Meritorious Service Award for his dedication in accomplishing the needed training to all staff of the new ‘Prison Rape Elimination Act’ which required research and collaboration of staff members for a scheduled audit on the training.  CO Deputy Sedlacek’s professionalism, dedication, and ability to work cohesively to accomplish the mission was instrumental in the successful completion of the training. 


Detective Corey Burket, Detective Jeff Grozik, and Detective James Zdzinicki are being honored with a Meritorious Service Award for an investigation that they completed after the Sheriff’s Office received information regarding a 26 year old male subject who was soliciting a minor female for nude photographs on-line.  The investigation culminated in several other victims being identified and the offender being charged with two counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child, three counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, and five counts of child pornography.  Additional charges are pending outside of Will County from other victims.  This child predator will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.     -end-


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This Thursday, May 21st, the Will County Sheriff’s Office will honor the following four officers with the prestigious Life Saving Award and one officer for the Distinguished Service Award. 


Deputy Kim Topolewski saved the life of a 55 year old female when she observed something unusual in a field during the evening hours with temperatures at 15 degrees and went to investigate.  Deputy Topolewski discovered the unresponsive woman in a vehicle that was laying on its side with the woman half inside and half outside the vehicle.  Emergency personnel was notified and while assessing the situation the woman became responsive.  If not for Deputy Topolewski’s instinct to investigate and her actions that followed, the female would have sustained a life threatening situation from both the crash and the frigid temperatures.  


Deputy Steve Mathis saved the life of a 22 year old female who had injected heroin an hour prior to the 911 call.  Deputy Mathis performed CPR on the female who was unresponsive, had no pulse and was not breathing when he arrived on the scene.  The 22 year old made a full recovery.


Deputy Bryan Lukich saved the life of a 74 year old male who was having a heart attack and was found unresponsive on the scene.  Deputy Lukich performed CPR compressions until emergency personnel arrived and hooked up the AED.  The 74 year old made a full recovery. 


Sgt. Steve Formenti saved the life of a 23 year old female after he observed her slumped over in her vehicle on the side of the road.  The woman was experiencing a seizure and fluid was blocking her airway.  Sgt. Formenti turned the victim on her size and while preparing to start CPR the woman began breathing.  The woman made a full recovery. 


Deputy Glenn Kudla will be honored with the Distinguished Service Award for going above and beyond in educating students from the A-Orland Driving School on the dangers of distracted driving. 



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The Will County Sheriff’s Office is announcing the Investigations Division as the recipient of the 2015 Unit Award.  These individuals will be honored May 21st at the Sheriff’s annual Awards Banquet.

They are:  Deputy Chief Ken Kaupas, Lt. Jeff McKenzie, Sgt. Mike Kelley, Sgt. Dan Troike, Sgt. Dan Jungles, Adm. Clerk Lisa Kikkert, and Coordinator Janet Weakley, Detectives:  Jeff Cowe, Mike Corsi, Jim Jones, Jeff Tolbert, Tom Omiecinski, James Zdzinicki, Pete Piazza, Jim Burnette, Brian O’Leary, Tony Policandriotes, Dan Procarione, Corey Burket, Chris Cavera, Matt Griebel, Rick Todd, Dave Dobrowski, and Jeremy Viduna.


The Unit Award is granted to a division that displays outstanding performance of duties that greatly enhances the image of the Sheriff’s Office.  This past year, every member of the Investigations Division worked tirelessly on each and every case assigned to them in hopes of preserving the quality of life to each and every citizen of Will County.


In 2014, 405 cases were assigned to these detectives, with 334 of those cases resulting in arrest.  207 individuals were arrested on felony charges and 233 individuals were arrested on misdemeanor charges.  893 courtesy calls were also completed by detectives and our exceptional support staff was responsible for completing 578 cases/reports.


The work ethic, professionalism, and determination that these detectives and support staff exhibited was second to none.    –end-


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The Will County Sheriff’s Office has been participating with the IL Department of Transportation (IDOT), the IL State Police and hundreds of local law enforcement agencies across the state in the 2015 IL Click It or Ticket campaign that kicked off May 11th.  During the campaign, officers have been cracking down both day and night on motorists who fail to wear their seat belt in the front and back seats.


Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Vince Gambino stated, “Memorial Day weekend kicks off the busy summer driving season, and we want to ensure that everyone arrives to their destination safe and sound.  Our deputies are prepared to ticket anyone, front or back seat, who are not wearing a seat belt. If you are unbuckled you can expect a ticket…not a warning.  No excuses and no exceptions.”


In addition to the campaign, the Sheriff’s Office will conduct a roadside safety check on Sunday, May 24th from 9pm to 11pm.  The safety check will take place at Frankfort Square Road and St. Francis Road in Frankfort.  The purpose of this detail is to ensure motorists are in compliance with all Illinois vehicle code statutes including seatbelt, equipment, and driver’s license.


In 2014 during the Memorial Day weekend there were 12 fatalities on Illinois roadways.  Remember,  buckle up and encourage your loved ones to do the same.


For more information about the Click It or Ticket campaign, please visit www.buckleupillinois.org. 




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The Will County Sheriff's Office is announcing their 2014 award recipients.  Once a year sworn and non-sworn personnel are recognized for their exceptional work ethic and dedication to the department and our community.  An Awards Banquet will be held in their honor on May 21, 2015 at the Jacob Henry Mansion in Joliet.  The banquet will include an opening and closing ceremony by the Sheriff's Honor Guard, invocation by Father Vytas Memenas, and presentation of awards by Sheriff Mike Kelley.

Sheriff Kelley will be recognizing 21 Sheriff's employees who have retired, as well as, 5 members of the department who are celebrating 20 years of Honorable Service, 18 members with 25 years and 2 members who have graciously given 30 years of Honorable Service to the department.  

In the following days, leading up to the banquet, the Sheriff's Office will announce individual award recipients and give a brief description of their accomplishments.   -end-

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