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In 2013, the Sheriff’s Office began its 13th year of providing police services to the Village of Homer Glen. The following is a summary of events that took place during the year.

During 2013 the Will County Sheriff’s Office had 30,904 incidents that we reponded to. Many of those incidents were “self initiated incidents” by the Deputies and Sergeants. Of those self initiated incidents, over 11,200 were “Subdivision Checks. The Sheriff’s Office affected 252 arrests resulting in 540 charges. 2,963 traffic citations were issued and 407 written warning citations were issued. A total of 51 DUI arrests were made in the Village during 2013. A total of 514 ordinance tickets were issued for violations to various Village Ordinances. Deputies assigned to the Village of Homer Glen maintained a strong partnership with the local schools. The Deputies were present on school grounds when students were arriving and departing for the day. Deputies also worked with the schools and participated in “Lock Down Drills” at the schools to assist them in their state mandated regulations. The total Type 1 Crimes continued to drop and the Village had a Crime Index of 763.3 for 2013, down from 787.7 in 2012 and 967.4 in 2011. This was the second lowest crime rate per 100,000 since its incorporation.

Aside from meeting regularly with the schools, personnel also met with various senior citizen groups to discuss crime prevention. One goal over the last 2 years was to decrease the amount of ruse burglaries. These meetings assisted in a dramatic decline in such burglaries, as 12 were reported in 2011, 7 in 2012 and only 1 attempted in 2013. Deputies also met with each new class of students at A-Orland Driving School to emphasize the dangers of distracted driving and driving under the influence. This assisted in reaching another goal during the year of zero fatalities.

Personnel from the Sheriff’s Office assisted in creating 2 new ordinances for the Village. A false alarm ordinance was created for the Village and took effect January 1st of 2013. The purpose of the ordinance was to decrease the amount of false alarm calls for service. Alarms have dropped from 658 in 2012 to 608 in 2013. The other ordinance established was an “Administrative Tow Fee”, which took effect on May 1st. Deputies assigned to the Village assisted at the 3rd annual “Homer Community Festival” in June. A total of 128 hours were provided and billed separately to the Village outside of the contractual agreement. The Lieutenant assigned to the Village attended every Village Board Meeting and Public Services and Safety Committee Meeting. Meetings with the Parade and Festival Committee were also attended to help prepare for the Festival.

The Sheriff’s Office fulfilled its contractual obligation to the Village of Homer Glen by providing 38,854 service hours. This is a surplus of 198 hours over the required 38,656 hours.