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The Will County Sheriff's Office's Communication Center provides continuous 24 hour police services for the people of unincorporated Will County. These services include answering non-emergency and 911 telephone calls, dispatching Sheriff's police personnel to render services, and provide information to and monitor the safety of police personnel. The Sheriff's office also provides police communication, non-emergency and 911 telephone services for municipalities which do not have dispatch centers. These presently include the village of Rockdale, and the Will County Forest Preserve Police Department.

The communications center has seven consoles. Each console is set up with the same equipment, all of which is computerized. From the radio to the phone, each is a computer screen. The Viper phone system is all computer based, the CAD system has several auxiliary program including pictometry. Each console also has individually controlled lighting and heating/cooling.

Calls for service are entered into a CAD ( computer aided dispatch ) system, which is also used to keep track of field units' status.

The Will County Sheriff's communication center also serves as an enhanced 911 public service answering point ( PSAP ) for 911 Calls. This allows the Sheriff's Office the capability of receiving 911 emergency calls from the public on landline or cell phones for police, fire, and/or ambulance services. The County Communications Center has many other pieces of equipment and duties. For example, it also serves as a backup facility for all other communications centers in Will County.