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Now Hiring For A DFC Coalition Project Coordinator – Non-Union/FLSA Exempt - Learn More

The Will County Sheriff's Office is an equal opportunity/reasonable accommodation employer. For more information on other positions please call 815.727.8895. The Will County Sheriff's Office General Employment covers the following areas:

  • Telecommunicators
  • Clerks
  • Typists
  • Maintenance
  • Mechanics
  • Custodial
  • Cooks
  • Information Technology

If you are interested in completing an application for the Will County Sheriff's Office, the application is listed below ( in PDF format ).

Send General Application Employment forms to:

Will County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Deputy Chief Conser
25 N. Ottawa St.
Joliet, IL 60432


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14 W Jefferson St., Joliet, IL 60432

16909 W. Laraway Rd., Joliet, IL 60433

95 S. Chicago St., Joliet, IL 60436

25 N. Ottawa St., Joliet, IL 60432

Civil Process Division: 815.727.8895 Patrol: 815.727.8575
Records Section: 815.727.4738
Traffic Section: 815.727.3263
Main Number: 815.740.1250
Video Visitation: 815.774.7950
Main Number: 815.727.8574