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We are NOT accepting applications at this time.

For any questions please contact:

Will County Sheriff’s Merit Commission
16911 W. Laraway Rd., Joliet, IL 60433 - Suite 201
Map to Location ( External Site Link ) - Driving Directions ( External Site Link )

Building Hours:  Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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  • U.S. Citizen
  • 20 Years of Age to Apply - Must Be 21 Years of Age by May 1st, 2017
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • High School or GED Graduate or 2 Years Full-Time related Police Officer or Correctional Officer Experience
    (Must supply related information to verify police / corrections experience.)
  • No felony or certain misdemeanor convictions from any jurisdiction
  • Must establish residency in Will County within 2 years from date of appointment.

You may download an application from this website - Application for Deputy Correctional Officer - or they are available to pick up at the following location:

  • Will County Sheriff’s Merit Commission - Map to Location ( External Site Link )
    16911 W Laraway Rd, Joliet, IL 60433 - Suite 201

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The Testing Process:

A written test, C.A.T. (Corrections Agility Test), a 32-page long application, personality evaluation screening, a polygraph exam, an in-depth background investigation, and an interview with the Will County Merit Commission Board. After you successfully pass the test and interview you are placed on a certified list of applicants. Once certified you will be interviewed by the Warden and his administrative staff, and have a personal interview with the Sheriff. You will then be sent for a full medical exam including a drug-screening test before being hired.

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Written Test:

The written test component for the position of Correctional Officer is designed to measure the applicant’s proficiency in the following areas:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Problem Solving
  • Report Writing

A grade of 70% for EACH section is necessary for the applicant to pass and continue with the testing process.

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C.A.T. Test (Corrections Agility Test)

You must pass all four of these sections to pass the C.A.T. and continue the process.  You must attend your scheduled appointment.  This test cannot be rescheduled, no exceptions.

The Corrections Agility Test is comprised of:

  • Sit and Reach - 14
  • 1 Minute Sit Ups - 24
  • Maximum Bench Press - 50% of body weight for Females, 70% of body weight for Males
  • 1 Mile Run - 12 minutes or less

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The Long Application

The applicant will be given a 32 page long application to completely fill out with all personal information as well as references and employment history for the past 10 years.  This document also has to be notarized.  An appointment time will be given to each applicant.  At this time the applicant will meet with an investigator to go over the long application.  Additionally, the applicant will be photographed, fingerprinted, fill out additional information sheets, and turn in copies of their Birth Certificate, High School or GED diploma, Social Security Card, Driver's License and FOID Card.

Personality Evaluation:

Applicant will be given an information sheet to make an appointment for their personality evaluation. The results of this test is a recommended or not recommended. Applicant must be recommended to continue in the process.

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Polygraph Exam:

Applicant will be given information to make an appointment for their polygraph exam. Applicant must pass polygraph exam to continue in the process.

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In-Depth Background Investigation:

A mail-out is completed from the Long Application. An investigator conducts a background investigation on applicant and writes up a report.

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Oral Interviews:

Applicant will be scheduled for interviews and must pass all interviews in order to be hired.

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Post Employment Information on Training:

Once the applicant is hired as a Will County Correctional Officer, he / she will receive the following training:

  • Five weeks of Basic Corrections Training at Peoria, Champaign or Sangamon Counties.
  • Twelve weeks of in-house on the job training.
  • Three weeks of Direct Supervision class, in-house.
  • Forty hours of annual In-Service Training.
  • After the initial training phase, the Correctional Officer will choose his / her assignment by rank seniority.

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