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The current Traffic Section is commanded by Sergeant Mike Giels. Other personnel include ( 9 ) deputies, a Secretary and an Administrative Clerk. The Commander and ( 4 ) Deputies are all experienced Traffic Reconstructionists and have attended Northwestern University’s prestigious Traffic Institute.

The nationally recognized section is highly trained and motivated. The Traffic Section has a primary responsibility to promote traffic safety throughout Will County. Major Crash Investigation, Education and conducting Special Projects are all part of the duties of personnel assigned to the Traffic Section.

This Section has expanded its duties to include the Department’s DUI Enforcement, Hit and Run investigations, traffic safety information and education and child passenger safety.

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Major Crash InvestigationMajor Crash Investigation

Traffic Deputies, many whom are reconstructionists, are specially trained investigators in Traffic Accident Reconstruction. During the Fiscal year 2008 the Department investigated 2034 property damage accidents and 276 personal injury accidents. The Traffic Section also investigated 9 fatal crashes that occurred on our roadways. The Traffic section has several tools and programs that allow the deputies to reconstruct either serious or fatal accidents.

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Traffic EnforcementTraffic Enforcement

Enforcement is prioritized to areas where there is a high rate of traffic crashes. Other priority areas include response to citizen complaints regarding ongoing traffic violations, school zones, and school bus stop arm complaints. During Fiscal Year 2008, 108 traffic complaints were addressed and 38 stop arm violations were investigated by the Traffic Section. Department citations issued during Fiscal Year 2008 amounted to 16,266. 3,599 written warning citations were also issued by the department. The Department also participates in several other details throughout the year such as roadside safety and seatbelt check points.

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EducationSIDNE Car Demonstration

The Traffic Section participates in numerous education programs to promote traffic enforcement and safety. Recently trough an IDOT grant the Traffic Section purchased SIDNE (simulated intoxicated driving experience) from the company FATAL VISION. The SIDNE along with the use of the FATAL VISION goggles are used by the Traffic Section in the local drivers’ education programs to promote the dangers of drinking and driving. In 2008 the traffic section has participated in the drivers education courses at Lincolnway Central, Lincolnway East and Lincolnway North. We have also participated in the Road to Reality programs held at Lincolnway Central and Lockport High schools.

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Overweight Truck EnforcementOverweight Truck Detail

The Sheriffs’ Department also has an overweight truck enforcement unit. This unit’s responsibility is to patrol the counties roadways and enforce the truck laws as they pertain to weight and size limits. As a comparison the Will County Highway Department issued 16,743 overweight permits in 2007.This increased to 42,045 overweight permits for fiscal year 2008. This is a significant increase with more trucking terminals coming into the county this unit provides a much needed check and balance. The unit also employs the use a 6 portable scales. This allows the deputies the ability to go throughout the county.

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Motorcycle UnitMotorcycle Unit

The Sheriffs’ Department currently has four motorcycles that are used on a seasonal basis. The supervisors and deputies assigned to this unit go through a rigorous training school just to qualify for this unit. They then must do a yearly training regime to continue in the unit. These deputies will use the motorcycles for patrol, escorts and are invaluable during heavy traffic periods ,such as the Chicagoland Speedway events, as they can move from place to place much easier than a regular squad car.

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Traffic Section clerical personnel are responsible for entering information on all crashes investigated by Department Personnel into databases. Reports are then generated and high crash locations are identified and analyzed. This information is then shared with the Will County Highway Department and all Township Highway Departments, as well as the Village of Homer Glen.

Changes to several traffic control devices at various intersections have occurred because of these coordinated efforts.

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The traffic section also handles all vehicles seizures throughout Will County. The V.I.D. deputy is responsible to coordinate all the paperwork from every Will County Police Agency and the Will County States Attorneys Office. In 2008 219 vehicles were seized by the various police agencies in Will County. Also the V.I.D. deputy is responsible for checking on and removing all stickered abandoned autos within the unincorporated areas of the county.

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