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The Warrant section is divided into two separate but closely functioning departments. The warrant office is responsible for the entering and maintaining of all warrants issued in Will County. This includes not only warrants generated by the Sheriff's Department but all police departments within the boundaries of Will County. These warrants include ordinance violations, traffic offenses, misdemeanors, felonies, and any other court issued offenses. The warrant office enters all warrants into the state and nationwide computer systems and as such is responsible for the information provided. In addition, the warrant office maintains records regarding quashed, expired, and executed warrants.

The sworn department is responsible for locating and arresting any and all persons who have an active warrant issued in Will County, by any police agency in the state of Illinois, or any other law enforcement agency outside our state. The sworn officers are also responsible for the extradition of any persons arrested outside Will County and returning them back. These extradition's involve returning arrested persons to the Will County Court System from anywhere in the country.

An additional function of the sworn officers is to transport mental health patients to and from hospitals and institutions as well as escorting mentally ill individuals from their residence to mental health facilities as ordered by the court.

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